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What are the 10 Quickies Math Review Worksheets?
10 Quickies were created by an LAUSD elementary school teacher to be a quick, yet engaging review of a wide variety of grade level math problems. You will find each half page worksheet hosts 10 math problems woven into an original, one-of-a-kind inspirational illustration that kids have come to love!

free cool math samples One of the main reasons why kids fall in love with the 10 Quickies math review worksheets is because they don't know what will be the next scene. A spectacular carnival? A relaxing beach? A baseball field? A view from space? The mystery is what generates the excitement and that's what helps make 10 Quickies math review worksheets so effective!
Here's your chance to take the monotony out of reviewing math and get your students inspired at the same time!
Another aspect kids love about the 10 Quickies math review worksheets is coloring the illustrations after they complete all the problems. This really brings the pictures to life and lets the child feel directly connected to the work they complete. Take a brief moment to check out our gallery of student samples to see how beautiful the 10 Quickies look when decorated afterwards. Click here to view the 10 Quickies Student Samples
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Let's face it, not many kids get excited about completing a page of 30 math problems all of the same type, on a bland piece of paper. It's uninspiring, monotonous, and actually gets kids annoyed with math. That's hardly the feeling we want students to have when it comes time to practice and keep their math skills sharp.
Since standardized tests, and particularly state exams, assess children on all different types of math problems, why not get them practicing with review worksheets that do the very same thing?
It's important to note that you don't need to be a teacher in order to use the 10 Quickies math review worksheets! *Attention Parents * - this is an easy way for you to provide an opportunity for your child to review grade level math right at home! If you have a child in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, you can get 4 FREE samples right here so you can find out right away what your kids think about the 10 Quickies math review worksheets.
How are 10 Quickies Math Review Worksheets Organized?
When designing the 10 Quickies math series, we used the math quarterly pacing plan from the Los free cool math samples Angeles Unified School District that are directly tied to the California instructional standards. Since the 10 Quickies are designed in sequential order, the problems on each handout will review math content more or less in the same order in which it is taught per grade level.
This is an easy way to help your students master math on an automatistic level and give them an edge when it comes time to test.
"The 10 Quickies worksheets are a fantastic resource that can be put to immediate use with practically no prep time!"
- Mr. Gomez, 5th Grade Teacher

If you are a teacher, math coach, administrator, or parent from a different district/state/country and would like to see what's covered in the 10 Quickies math review series, click here for the complete list of educational standards.
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What You Get With Each 10 Quickies Math Review Series
We now have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade series available each with a total of 100 original, one-of-a-kind 10 Quickies math review worksheets you can photocopy and hand out to your students. Within the 100 worksheets are 10 illustrations without problems allowing you to make your own personalized 10 Quickies so you can have your students focus on particular concepts or standards they need to practice.
You can even make it a reward or class competition to see who gets to create their own 10 Quickies math handout that everyone in the class has to complete. Imagine the enthusiasm you'll get towards math in your classroom with that contest!
10 Quickies is a Fantastic Value
Don't miss out on this valuable resource that will get your students actively engaged and excited about reviewing math. For only $7.95 there's no reason why you shouldn't get your hands on the entire 10 Quickies math review series of your grade level choice right now. That's less than 8 cents per worksheet! Simply click the link below and in minutes you will have a whole new set of grade level math review worksheets in your hands.
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"We have been using 10 Quickies for two months now and my students love them! Thank you for creating such a helpful math resource that's so easy to use."
I. Arroyo
3rd Grade Teacher
"I am astonished at how much my students enjoy the 10 Quickies math review worksheets. Many of them have saved all 50+ that we've done already. It's literally the perfect review for grade level content!"
V. Pascual
2nd Grade Teacher
"My 4th grade students love these 10 Quickies math worksheets. Better yet, I get to immediately find out exactly which standard each student has mastered and those they are still having trouble with."
A. Martin
4th Grade Teacher
"My students LOVE their 10 Quickies! It's so fun to see their enthusiasm towards reviewing math standards that we've learned."
R. Omoji
4th Grade Teacher
"Our math time often starts off with 10 Quickies. Takes only about ten minutes and transitions my students nicely into our math lesson."
B. Reyes
3rd Grade Teacher

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