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There are many ways you can incorporate these fun, exciting, math review worksheets into your instructional agenda. Here are 10 ideas how you can include 10 Quickies math for kids worksheets in your classroom, however it's crucial you first keep these 5 points in mind:
1) 10 Quickies Math Review Handouts Cover What Has Already Been Taught: 10 Quickies are meant to be math review activities of material that the children have already learned. It is vital that the 10 Quickies handout you plan to use actually reviews content the students already know so they do not get frustrated.
2) Students Who Need Intervention or Assistance: Pair the students up or if possible, create a small group instructional opportunity. These students may really look forward to this quality time spent in a stress-free environment where they can get guidance and assistance.
3) Imperative To Check For Accuracy: It is very important for students/teacher to check that the problems are solved accurately. It will not help the child if he or she continues to practice solving problems incorrectly.
4) Re-teach Problem Areas: If you find many students are missing the same type of problem, this could be a standard/concept that may need to be reviewed or taught again. Don't be discouraged by this. Use this as a teaching opportunity to help those students that may be struggling with a difficult concept or standard.
5) Decorations: If you permit students to color and/or decorate their 10 Quickies math review worksheets in the classroom, try only to allow this when all the problems are completed correctly. You can remind them that artists only publish/color when everything is in order as they intended it to look. You can even treat it as a special privilege for early finishers.
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You know it's vital students be able to readily recall math knowledge taught to them during the school year. It is equally important the students prove their knowledge on periodic assessments. Don't miss out on this valuable resource to get your students/children more actively engaged in the math review process. It will benefit them immensely and for ONLY $8.95, there's no reason to miss out!
Once you place your order, you will have instant download access to the 10 Quickies math review worksheets in PDF format in your choice of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels.